Bike Purchase Agreement

Corratec Online Purchase Agreement:

I understand that Corratec strongly recommends that the assembly of my new Corratec bicycle be performed by a reputable bicycle shop or mechanic with knowledge of the manufacturer’s specifications. The Corratec bicycle will come partially assembled and packed by the manufacturer just as a bicycle retailer would receive it. There are no instruction manuals included. As a purchaser of bicycle equipment, I assume full responsibility for its assembly. I understand and acknowledge that it is my responsibility to have the bicycle checked by a professional bike shop or mechanic if it is not assembled by one.

In addition, I fully understand that there are hazards involved in the sport of cycling and that accidents may occur which could cause bodily injury or even death. I agree to follow cycling safety guidelines and all laws regarding cycling.

I understand that it is incumbent upon me to continuously check my equipment, including, but not limited to, the brakes, quick releases, wheel fastening devices, and all bolts. Tires should also be checked regularly for proper inflation and tread wear. Proper lighting equipment and reflectors should be in place and a helmet worn whenever riding.

By placing my order with I explicitly agree to the provisions of this Bicycle Purchase Agreement and release, its suppliers, Corratec, LLC. and its affiliates from all liability whatsoever except for the shipment of the order I have placed. In no event shall the liability of   be greater than the total amount of my purchase.